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Fall 2022 Library Service Updates

Primary Sources: Is this primary or secondary?

Is this a primary source or a secondary source?

Primary source: An interview of a witness of 9/11
Secondary source: Book written about 9/11 by someone who wasn't there

Primary source: Article in a scholarly journal reporting the research and methodology of an experiment or study
Secondary source: Articles analyzing and commenting on the results of original research, sometimes called review articles

Primary source: Declaration of Independence
Secondary source: A book or article analyzing the Declaration of independence

Primary source: Song lyrics
Secondary source: An essay analyzing the lyrics of a song

Primary source: Congressional hearing on steroid abuse in Major League Baseball
Secondary source: A newspaper or magazine article reporting on the hearings

Primary source: Diary of a soldier in the Confederate Army
Secondary source: Book about the United States Civil War

Primary source: H1N1 flu statistics gathered by the Center for Disease Control (a government agency)
Secondary source: A newspaper or magazine article about the H1N1 flu.

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