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Students rate our Academic Support Centers!

Over 8000 tutoring sessions in the Fall 23 and Winter 24.  

  • "I am extremely grateful for the invaluable assistance." 
  • "Thanks to his support, math has become much more accessible and enjoyable for me."
  • "He is a very knowledgeable tutor, and has been very helpful to me every time I have worked with him. He is able to explain information and concepts clearly and accurately, and is very willing to provide clarification and further understanding when necessary. I would highly recommend his assistance to any student taking Calc 1."
  • "Very helpful! She gave me some really great resources to continue working on my paper on my own time and made an effort to be impactful.” 
  • “He was very nice and friendly, my paper is better for it!”
  •  "Throughout my tutoring journey, she not only provided me with full support in academic subjects but also helped me solve problems in my life, which relieved me during tough times in a new country. I appreciate her professionalism and time!"
  • “Very helpful and thoroughSuper awesome i fee so prepared for my midterm!!
  • “Good teacher! She was so clear and helpful. She was very patient and Great to work with! Highly recommend her!
  • "Knowledgeable and awesome."
  • "She had a most pleasant personality and was a great help on my paper."
  • "She explained everything to me. It was an awesome session"
  • "My tutor helped me to properly cite sources and effectively correct grammatical errors in my essay"
  • "He taught me how to organize the essay writing step by step."
  • "She is very personable and dedicated."
  • "She is amazingly brilliant, professional and extremely patient."
  • "My tutor was super helpful. She helped me break up my paper so it is easier to complete. also she asked me questions to make sure I understood what she was saying."
  • "I always have productive sessions. I appreciate her help each week."


Tutoring at OCC

In-person and Virtual Tutoring 

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  • Penji is the appointment website and app we use! 
  • This app allows you to schedule and manage appointments with tutors who assist in your courses. 
  • You can also download the Penji app for iOS or Android to manage your tutoring appointments.




  • You can also use the website access to schedule and manage appointments:  Penji website


Need help?  Call us at 248-232-4435 or email us at asctutoring@oaklandcc.edu



Using Generative AI

Using Generative AI

Generative AI tools, (such as Chat GPT, Scribe, GPT-4, etc.) have the potential to be a valuable enhancement to your learning experience. However, use of these tools must follow your instructor’s AI policy. Your instructor may allow you to use these tools for help in understanding course concepts, working through practice problems, brainstorming, etc. but it is not allowed to use these tools as a substitute for work that will be submitted for a grade. 

Because allowances for using generative AI will vary across courses and across assignments, students must read the expectations for each course carefully. Students should disclose to faculty and tutors if they are using generative AI platforms and in what manner they are using them in coursework.

If instructors allow generative AI, students must cite when, where, and how it is used to the faculty and tutor. Students should share the written policy with the tutor before a session to ensure that the tutor understands the assignment and resources you are able to use. When using generative AI, citations must include the platform and how the information is being used.  Failure to disclose and cite AI-generated work to faculty may be a violation of the Academic code.   

Courses and Tutor Schedules

Below is the availability of tutors by subject across the college. We have in-person and virtual appointments available.  In addition, we also have walk-in availability for some subjects.  Use the Penji app or website to see drop-in lab availability.

Get the Penji app or sign in to Penji to make an appointment or email us at asctutoring@oaklandcc.edu or call


Tutoring Policies

See general tutor availability below.  Check Penji or call for open appointments. 

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