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Fall 2022 Library Service Updates

Automotive Technology: How do I log in to ...?

Automotive Program Login Instructions

How to log in to CDX Learning Systems 

Current Users


Your CDX username (e-mail) and password will work on our new CDX login process. This applies to all new accounts and former accounts. (Purchased as part of the Textbook Bundle)

Step 1

Visit and click ‘Login’ in the upper right corner or ‘Log in and Get Started’ on the black bar. 

Redeeming a new access code? Go to to get started.

Step 2

This will bring you to the Jones & Bartlett Learning Log In screen. The System Check window may popup and can be dismissed.

Enter your CDX username (e-mail) and password. Click Log In.

Forgot your password? Go to to have a reset link emailed to you.

Forgot your e-mail address? Call CDX Support at 866-244-4CDX (4239).

Step 3

Under "Active" will be all your active courses. You may be prompted for additional contact information, such as your school address. Check under "Expired" to see your expired courses.

Find how-to videos and step-by-step instructions:

Contact Support: 1-866-244-4CDX (4239) Live: Monday - Friday: 8:30 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. EST


How to log in to CDX Learning Systems 

New Users

RED BOOK: "CDX Fundamentals of Automotive Technology 2nd Ed."


Step 1:

Buy CDX 1-year Fund. Of Auto Tech. access pack in bookstore, open and scratch off access code.

ISBN 9781284182200


Step 2:

Follow the directions in the access packs and register on as a new user.

Product Name: CDX Preferred Access to (FAT) Fundamentals of Automotive Technology, 2e

The Course ID is a unique code that connects students to courses. Students will need to enroll in each course using the applicable Course ID for courses they are enrolled. Do not enroll unless instructed.

Course Name Course ID

CDX Preferred Access - (FAT 2e) ASE 0 Safety and Foundation


CDX Preferred Access - (FAT 2e) ASE 1 Engine Repair


CDX Preferred Access - (FAT 2e) ASE 2 Automatic Transmissions


CDX Preferred Access - (FAT 2e) ASE 3 Manual Transmissions


CDX Preferred Access - (FAT 2e) ASE 4 Steering and Suspension


CDX Preferred Access - (FAT 2e) ASE 5 Brakes


CDX Preferred Access - (FAT 2e) ASE 6 Electrical


CDX Preferred Access - (FAT 2e) ASE 7 Heating and Air Condition


CDX Preferred Access - (FAT 2e) ASE 8 Engine Performance



To access the course, please follow these instructions:

1. Go to and click Login.
2. Log in to your account by entering:
• Your email address or username:
• Your existing password. NOTE: If you do not have an existing user account, use the password: changeme.
3. Your course will be listed on your "Product" page. Click the product name to access it.

To get started, please refer to the User Guide below:

(Please contact technical support if you need any assistance along the way.)
Review the User Guide
Visit Technical Support at
Call Toll Free: 1-866-244-4CDX (4239). Support is available Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 8:00  p.m. (Eastern Time Zone).

Safety Training""

VISIT: or              

FOR HELP: Call 888-241-8332

You will be provided a link or QR code via email to self-register for the S/P2 safety training. The courses have already been pre-selected for you. The required courses for entry into the shop are:

1. S/P2 Automotive Service Safety

2. S/P2 Automotive Service Pollution Prevention

3. Preparing a Vehicle for Service and Working With Customers

FCA Performance Institute (Mopar CAP) 


Use Internet Explorer or Google Chrome (preferred) to navigate to:""
(Do NOT use the new Microsoft EDGE browser or Apple Mac.)

Information below will be sent to your Oakland Community College email: 

  • User ID = Enter your SID
  • Enter your password
    (These both come from your instructor / school FCA admin)
  • Click “Training”
    (Note: A new tab will open in your browser)
  • Click “My Learning”
  • Click “Courses”
  • Click “Search Courses”
  • Enter the course code (number) of the next required module
    (Example: Role of a Service Technician # 0012008)
  • Then click “Search”
  • Be sure the module title matches the module you are supposed to complete
    (based on the module list sent by your instructor)
  • Then click “Enroll”
  • Click “Enroll or Launch” one more time to complete the procedure.

NC3 Login Instructions

Logging in for the first time

All users (Admins, Instructors, and Students) will have to set a NEW password.""

  • Go to
  • Enter User ID and Password
    • ID = Your account’s current e-mail
    • Password = password1
  • You will be asked to update your password, then you will be taken directly into your account.
  • If you don’t remember your account e-mail address:
    • Instructors: Your Campus Admin can look it up for you.
    • Students: You will be asked to contact your instructors to retrieve a forgotten e-mail address.


Activating a voucher: "Automotive Essentials" User License-12 Months

The instructions below are for students from schools who use the Electude LMS. If your school is using LTI (Canvas, Blackboard, Moodle, D2L, etc.) please click here for instructions

Before starting make sure that you have:

1. Your student username (Student #) & password (password1)

2. Domain:

* Check the field “Domain” on your access voucher (see example underneath). Contact your teacher/trainer if you do not have this information.

How to activate your Electude access voucher:

1. Open your internet browser and type in the domain (

2. Login as student using your Username & Password

3. If asked, agree to the terms of service by clicking "I agree."

4. If you have one access voucher for one product, e.g. Electude Automotive Essentials, select the option "I have a voucher" then click "OK."

5. At the field "voucher," type in the code mentioned on your voucher and click the OK button. 

6. You will then have access to the content your teacher/trainer has assigned to you and can start working in your Electude student account.

7.  If your teacher/trainer has assigned content to you from more than 1 Electude Product (e.g. “Electude – Automotive Essentials” & “Electude – Electric Drive”)  you will need an access voucher for each product. Each access voucher states a Product Name & Access Code. For the 1st Product Name on the screen select the option “I have a voucher” then type in your access code next to the field “voucher”. Do the same for the 2nd /3rd or 4th  products using the correct access code then click “ok”. You will then have access to the content your teacher has assigned to you and can start working in your Electude student account.


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